Joseph bataoel, sexual predator, child molester, Chicago police, star no. 19040, closeted ***

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joseph bataoel, sexual predator, child molester, Chicago police, star no. 19040, closeted ***, repeat sex offender.

joseph bataoel star no. 19040 $77238 (Bataoel, Joseph A, 9161, Police Officer, 10/4/99, 5688.5, S, 057-Police)Occupation: rotten Chicago police, , star No. 4211Business Address: 2452 West Belmont Avenue Chicagojoseph bataoel, the most infamous sexual predator in Chicago, protected by his identity as Chicago police officer. Shame on you! A serial child molester, joseph bataoel molested at least four boys and two girls between 2007 and 2011. His youngest victim was 6 years old. None of the families involved, including ours, pressed charges, believing that a conviction was unlikely. joseph bataoel remains on the Chicago police without any punishment. For years, joseph bataoel's molestees have refused to speak on the record, primarily to protect each other from media attention. We are going on the record now.The Child Molesterjoseph bataoel has always been a figure of some minor notoriety among folks in chicago. What is less well-known about joseph bataoel is that he molested at least four boys and two girls between the ages 6 and 12 from 2007 to 2011. We are honestly not sure how many children joseph bataoel molested in total or if he stopped. We would like to call out anyone molested by joseph bataoel to come forward so we together can bring him to justice.

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Kevin Liu, may have been arrested, but he knows who this creep is and STILL have the courage to EXPOSE him, as he should be exposed!


It's "cops" like this, that have communities afraid to come forward.

It's time OUT, for communities to be afraid of them and have courage to speak out, for this is (in many cases), why our children lives are disrupted.

Children(as well as adults), are munipulated, intimidated OR shamed into believing that there's no hope for them, when there is.

Threats are made on their family's lives, bullying exist, children are jumped;just simply trying to enjoy their neighborhoods and it must stop.

People such as (639 N. Lockwood, in the 37th ward(alderman Emma Mitts), has fooled themselves into believing that they are controlling this town.

Commissioner McCarthy, needs to be informed of ANY ill behavior for much that exist, is done by corrupt cops, claiming to be law abiding employees of the city of Chicago and of the state of Illinois, when they're using their badges to HIDE behind, to do their dirty work and it MUST be stopped, just as JON BURGE has been deterred(should be on the watch list, for life).


Bad Boys Bad Boys, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when I come for you, Kevin Liu.

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